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. good evening. >> the obama administration's decision to shift the legal stance on gay marriage could have huge implications in the future if the courts accept the same view. federal agencies including the irs, would not be able to discriminate against same-sex couples. in maryland, same-sex marriages could be legal by october, but despite all of this day's developments, opponents aren't ready to give up. craig melvin is joining us with the latest. >> reporter: president obama ordered the justice department the stop defending the defense of marriage act, the law that banned same-sex marriage. meanwhile, as you mentioned today in maryland, it became apparent that lawmakers are more than likely going to legalize same-sex marriage as supporters celebrate, opponents say their celebrations could be premature. the defense of marriage act defined marriage as man and woman and denied federal beb fits to married, same-sex couples. president clinton signed the act in 1996. president obama said he ordered the justice department to stop defending it because he believes it is unconstitutional. >>
at president obama and didn't hold back today. he spoke at the conservative political action conference here in washington. and called the president weak and an ineffective manager of the economy. >> today's misery is real unemployment, home foreclosures, bankruptcy. this is the obama misery index, and it is the aaa record high, and it is going to take a lot more new rhetoric to put americans back to work. it's going to take a new president. >> romney didn't say he would run for president. instead choosing to speak hype thektally, but his wife said she would like to see him in the white house. >>> this was white house press secretary robert gibbs' last day on the job. president obama made a rare appearance in the press room today to wish gibbs well. the president also returned a tie. president obama borrowed it from gibbs for his obama speech at the democratic convention back in 2004 way before he was president. gibbs will take some time off now and then join the president's re-election campaign. >>> still ahead on this friday night, what led police to an illegal moonshine operation in north
the long time leader. the group wantses the obama administration to acknowledge that it's time for khadafi to leave. >>> this week, scott brown announced he was sexually abused as a child. coming up, what he says about whether he will pursue charges against his molester. >>> also, the commander in chief steps in to lead a team of 9-year-olds, we'll tell you what the president did this morning. >>> and a warning about a scam involving -- ♪ -- some lady gaga tickets ahead of thursday's concert. >> i have my tickets, i can tell you that. as far as the weather goes. blown away across the area today. almost 100 reporting stations had wind gusts of 50 miles an hour oar higher. will it be this bad tomorrow? i'll have your complete check of the forecast coming up. >>> how did javale mcgee do in the slam dunk contest? we'll tell you. and can george mason survive a bracket buster at northern iowa? >>> there will be no service on the blue and orange lines between metro center plaza. that means the triangle stations will be closed. crews will be doing track work. there could be major delays on the r
of gadhafi's regime for crimes against humanity. and for the first time today, president obama called for gadhafi to step down, saying he's lost all legitimacy there. the officials estimate more than 1,000 people in libya have been killed in the past two weeks. about 150 people attended a rally outside the white house today. the group says it's behind the protesters fighting in libya and bahrain. they still have family members overseas. >>> lots of protesters who packed dupont circle today. they showed up to rally for the union rights of wisconsin workers. it was one of dozens of demonstrations like it across the country today. so many in our area are worried that people here could soon lose their bargaining rights. >> reporter: they filled dupont circle, showing solidarity with those in wisconsin. a plan by the state's governor to bar organized labor among state work irs from negotiating any pay raises beyond inflation is union busting. the governor says it's about deficit busting. >> what we're doing right now is not about union busting at all. it's about balancing our budget. >> re
at news 4. tomorrow, president obama will roll out his 2012 budget. the budget includes more than $1 trillion in spending cuts over the next decade. those cuts are a lot less than the $4 trillion suggested by the president's own bipartisan deficit reduction commission. republicans say that the cuts do not go deep enough. >>> also, starting tomorrow you might want to leave the house early if you plan on using one woodbridge commuter line. the lot just south of potomac mills mall will only have 275 spaces available now. there used to be 1,000 there. the mall needs those parking spaces because it's adding more shops and restaurants. that lot sits on private land owned by the mall. >>> and thousands won't have to worry about finding parking this week. this is national telework week. an effort to get agencies and workers to go green. that means many will be working from home this week. teleworking saves companies money, reduces commuter costs, and helps people balance work and personal lives. according to the official site for national telework week, more than 36,000 people have pledged t
.75 a gallon for regular. >>> president barack obama hosted america's governors tonight at the white house. mr. obama had some help from young budding chefs from right here in washington. kids from tubman elementary were busy working in the kitchen helping the white house chefs cook the meal. they helped prepare the vegetables, picked straight from the white house garden on the south lawn. they helped with dessert action we're told. it was all part of the first lady's let's move campaign, an effort to reduce childhood obesity. >>> hollywood's biggest night. still ahead here, the hits and misses of the 83rd annual academy awards. and it could be a lively start to the work week, folks. chuck's going to tell us about unsettled weather. today we're going to surprise people with the taste of activia. there you go. strawberry and vanilla. thank you. that's good. wow. this is really good. great flavor. it's really creamy. it's really tasty. oh, wow! jamie lee curtis! it's activia! it's delicious. really? were you surprised that that's activia yogurt? i am shocked. i thought it would have like a littl
to circumstances there from the u.s. president obama is openly questioning whether egyptian president hosni mubarak's transition of power to his vice president is enough. kristen dahlgren has our report. >> reporter: as anticipation turned to anger in cairo's tahrir square -- >> mubarak, are you going to provoke us? >> reporter: surprise spread around the world. egyptian president hosni mubarak not stepping down as news organizations had predicted all day. instead, delegating power to his vice president. leaving questions about exactly what that meant. even president obama, who was optimistic early in the day -- >> it's a moment of transformation. >> reporter: -- put out a statement tonight urgings the ekwipgz government to, quote, explain the changes that have been made and spell out the step-by-step process that would lead to democracy. if his speech vice president urged a peaceful -- there is little confusion tonight about what they think will come next. >> what he did is create a civil war inside the country because there will be protests and there will be lots of fights and people dying. >> an
. roughly 200 protesters screamed at the white house wednesday evening demanding president obama do more to force out hosni mubarak and usher in a new era of dem october. >> i they love what america stands for, the freedom. >> reporter: the bloody revolution continues. >> i think we are very lucky we got out when we did. i'm glad we didn't stay there one more day. >> reporter: these were not the pictures the family hoped to snap on their egyptian vacation. pat and her daughter, laurel, arrived in cairo last friday for what was supposed to be a 12-day getaway. instead for five days the alexandria family never left their hotel room. >> outside our window there were two, three buildings burning. black smoke in the sky. >> helicopters would be even with our balcony. >> reporter: while the violence, sometimes deadly chaos below, they insist they never felt like they were in any real danger. despite all of the scenes and images, it was a conversation with their egyptian tour guide that was most memorable. >> sometimes out of the ugliest mud a beautiful flou wore bloom and he loves egypt and ho
to tucson to mourn the tragedy alongside other victims. >>> president obama has kicked his smoking habit according to the first lady. mrs. obama told reporters today it's been almost a year since her husband lit up. the president started smoking as a teenager. he's been candid about his failed attempts to quit before. two of his aides also reportedly have joined him in quitting smoking. >>> a community in fairfax county's on alert tonight for burglars and two of the neighbor's dogs. the chocolate labs disappeared during a series of break-ins in the middle of the day. jackie bensen is live with more on this story. jackie? >> reporter: the two chocolate labs disappeared from a fenced and gated property. there has been no sign of jade or nia, sweet-natured 3-year-old chocolate labs from the same litter. karen faris has been searching her fairfax station neighborhood for hours every day, frantic to find the dogs she calls her babies. >> i thought the dogs were on the back of the property. so i started walking back there calling, and they didn't come, which was unusual. so then i moved a litt
president obama to put more pressure on mubarak to step down. >> our protests are nothing. we're simply echoing the voices of the people back home and showing them we are standing in solidarity with them. >> democracy for the people. >> some of the protesters came to d.c. on buses from as far away as detroit and ohio. >>> two u.s. hikers being held in iran will go on trial tomorrow, shane bauer and josh fattal were arrested along the iran/iraq boarder. they're being held on suspicion of spying. their lawyers say they're confident the accusations against the two will be proved baseless. sarah shroud was also arrested and detained. she was released and returned home to the united states this past september. >>> police have proof a man they arrested for burglary is actually a prolific peeping tom as well. he was arrested in december when a resident in anne county found him in their garage. police found the camcorder and found numerous nude videos on that camcorder. it took police several months to identify the victims on the video. novak faces more than 21 new charges. police say he also h
he won the seat of the late senator edward kennedy. >>> president obama reached out to the journalist lara logan to offer his condolences. the cbs correspondent is now out of the hospital and recovering at home. logan was attacked last friday in cairo just moments after this photograph was taken. cbs says it happened while logan got separated from her crew in tahrir square after hosni mubarak's resignation. she was rescued by a group of women and then about 20 egyptian soldiers pulled her to safety. >>> there was a rare display of bipartisan ship on the hill today as the house voted to kill funding for the controversial f-35 fighter jet engine, part of the costliest weapons program in u.s. history. but the agreement ended there. freshmen tea party republicans are trying to make good on their pledge to rein in spending. some democrats say they're going too far. >> house republican spending measures would gut our ability to create jobs. they would roll back investments and make america noncompetitive in the future. >> democrats also turned to some children's tv characters to help critic
. >>> first lady michelle obama and her two daughters enjoyed presidents' day weekend on a ski trip in vail, colorado. a local newspaper got this note t of the family. the president did not make the trip. we're told secret service was >>> her name is hickory, she is the queen of show dogs right now. and today she visited here at the studios. hickory won best in show at the westminster dog show last week. she's a scottish deerhound from virginia. she came here with her handler, angela lloyd and the owner. they joined us at 6:00 this evening. doug said the westminster win is already changing their lives. hickory is the first scottish deerhound ever to win at westminster. and i am in love with her. and every day, they do that >>
concessions today. also, president obama played down the prospects of the muslim brotherhood, taking a major role in a new government there. meanwhile in cairo, thousands continued peaceful anti-government protests in the main square there. in a separate development, an american woman who was trapped in cairo returned safely to the united states and to her very relieved son. >> glad to see her in one piece. >> god bless america and i'm happy to be home. >> god bless america and i'm happy to be home. mary thornberry moved to egypt 15 years ago and did not evacuate with other americans. that all changed wednesday when the pro-government gang started roving through liberation square. thorn and berry's apartment is right on the square and they were taking over her building. getting her out was very difficult. her rescue came about through an extraordinary network of people who heard her story and got in touch with friends here and in egypt. >>> we'll be following some of the big stories. the founder of wikileaks will fight extradition to sweden. julian assange is wanted in swede ken over more qu
and possibly, you know, divert all that media attention from their big day to her. >> reporter: the obamas are reportedly not on the list, though in the past first ladies have attended. india hicks was one of diana's bridesmaids. >> the crowds and the emotion on the outside of that cathedral were extraordinary. and then she went into the cathedral. >> reporter: unlike the wedding of charles and diana, an extravagant spectacle, this is a royal wedding with an eye on the numbers and an emphasis on the royal. for the couple seems to want fun with the formality. dignitaries, charity workers, and members of the military will join celebrities like the beckhams. 1,900 guests have been invited to westminster abbey. as opposed to 600 for lunch at buckingham palace. only 300 get to stay for an intimate dinner. this is a couple keen to mix royal tradition with their real lives. next week being a case in point. first an official engagement in north wales where william is based in the royal air force. then it's party time. a college reunion at st. andrew's university where they first met. william and k
mubarak to step down by friday. they're also feeling pressure from the white house. president obama talked to mubarak for 30 minutes. >> my belief that an orderly transition must be meaningful, it must be peaceful and it must begin now. >> mubarak said he plans to serve out the last months of his term and remain in office until september. he added he would die on egyptian soil. >>> the protests end s in cairo week has been must-watch television for egyptians here. many are concerned about relatives and friends back home. others are energized by the changes ahead. john is live in a church that was filled with people praying for peace. john? >> reporter: well, jim, good evening. this church here is participating in a nationwide three-day fast as a sign of solidarity. tonight was day two which included services in english and ar arabic. they want to let their families back in egypt that they're not going through the struggle alone. >> we believe that lifting up our hearts to god. >> reporter: they filed in tuesday night to pray for a peaceful resolution to the conflict in egypt. after receivi
or even could close offices. >>> the white house meanwhile has postponed president obama's visit to penn state university. that's in anticipation of bad weather conditions. that stop in college station in pennsylvania is the next leg of the president's tour to promote american innovation. the visit has been pushed back from wednesday to thursday. >>> area transportation officials are busy trying to prevent another nightmare commute. the maryland highway administration is putting extra equipment on areas of the beltway where tractor trailers had the most trouble during the storm last week. virginia has some 1600 trucks to pretreat roads with chemicals. and d.c.'s snow team is also pretreating road s urging residents to take pepco. >>> pepco has taken a lot of heat for being unprepared last week. john schiffrin is in gaithersburg. >> reporter: that's five full days after the storm. pepco certainly has taken a lot of criticism, like you said, but this time pepco says it is prepared. i want you to look around. right now we are in gaithersburg at one of these staging areas. there are about 40
congress to transferring terror suspects to facilities within the u.s. president barack obama promised to close the prison within a year of taking office when he was elected back in 2008. >>> the battle over ways to tighten the budget came it a head in wisconsin today. tens of thousands of demonstrators protested anti-union legislation. converged on the capital in madison. democratic lawmakers were not to be found. they went to illinois in order to stall a vote on the republican-backed bill. that bill which stripped most public workers of their collective bargain rights. by law in wisconsin, at least one democratic legislator needs to be present for vote to go through. one lawmaker says she does not expect the democrats to return to the statehouse till saturday. >>> a raffle ticket worth $1 million is missing in virginia. the store that sold it has its bonus but the big winner may not even realize how lucky they are. dorothy spencer joins us from alexandria. >> reporter: yes, someone out there is a millionaire and chances are they don't even know it. that ticket was purchased right her
gadhafi to know that we are no longer afraid of you. >> they called on president obama and other world leaders to show strong opposition to the libyan government's response. >>> libya has the highest oil reserves in africa, and oil prices have shot up mainly on fears that the unrest will spread to saudi arabia where most of our oil comes from. the average price for a gallon of gas is up 5 cents in a week to $3.17. some analysts are predicting prices near $4 a gallon by summertime, and that will lead to higher prices for food, clothing and just about everything else we buy. >>> coming up tonight, former white house chief of staff. trying to win big in chicago. >>> some trouble at 30 rock when a man jumps a security fence during the "today" show. >>> a new study shows more and more pets are fat. we'll tell you how vets are >>> more than 100 people are still missing after a powerful earthquake hit new zealand yesterday. several dozen people have been killed. the 6.3 magnitude quake damaged christchurch, new zealand, the country's second largest city. entire neighborhoods flooded. fires br
with tinted windows. >>> to the situation in libya now. president obama authorized new sanctions on that country this evening. the president said those sanctions are necessary because the violence and the unrest in libya posed what he called an unusual and extraordinary threat to our national security. the president also said he will freeze all assets of the gadhafi family in the u.s. meanwhile, about 167 americans finally got out of tripoli and to safe ground in malta. they had spent three days on a ferry with no beds and very little food. that ferry was delayed because of bad weather and high seas. >>> coming up tonight, an incredible increase in gas prices. we'll see how far they've jumped right in front of the news camera. >>> incredible survival. after one of the worst cases of animal brutality, local officers say they've seen. >> [ male announcer ] from maryland to the mall and beyond, it's easy to spot a capital one bank. ♪ ♪ ♪ the most branches and atms in the dc area. one near you. [ all ] what's in your wallet? >>> washington humane society is looking for whoever
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